Turk Mali More For You Barber Disposable Neck Strip 5 rolls

Turk Mali
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Great for all types of professional services including: Barbering, haircuts, wrapping, facials and makeup application. Fits all sizes of necks, both in male and female with its flexibility.How to use: Stretch the strip carefully backward until it fits around the customer's neck. Stick the blue parts to each other and press on then pull a little back. Put the barber cape on the strip and then neck strip on to cape.Feature: It makes the barber ape personal to each customer and prevents hair from going under. Skin is safe from exposure to contagions, dirt and sweat. It prevents from chemicals exposure such as hair spray and hair dye to customer's skin. It absorbs sweat and water drop. The flexible form makes it applicable to all neck sizes.5 x 100 Neck Strips (100 Strips per roll)Made in Turkey
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