Koofex Brushless Motor Hair Trimmer (Metal Casing)

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Koofex Brushless Motor Hair Trimmer (Metal Casing)H.H Pro KooFex Professional Cordless hair trimmer is the newest line of ergonomic professional tools for edging, lines, patterns and beard trimming from the H.H Pro KooFex brand . Electric appliances from KooFex are distinguished by their unusual innovative design, brushless motor with high torque, ease of use, as well as maximum performance and perfect results! Trimmers of this series are made in a metal case just like clippers. model H.H Pro KooFex BLDC Black will undoubtedly find positive feedback from barbers and other men's craftsmen who prefer the most effective, stylish and high-quality tool. Absolute comfort and full 360-degree view !trimmer H.H Pro KooFex wide blade block is equipped with a 40 mm with a minimum hair cut of 0.1 mm . The open blade unit allows you to have a better view of the work, which significantly increases both the comfort of work and the result - you have complete control over the haircut. It is also possible to independently adjust the blade to "zero gap - Zero Overlap" . The blade block has a new design of teeth with a depth of 2 mm , which guarantees a clean cut of thick and hard hair in any way of working with the trimmer - clear and clean lines are guaranteed. In addition, the blade block has a new graphite coating , which ensures high wear resistance of the knife block and less heating during knife operation.BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor . The motor speed is 7200 rpm , which makes the blade block move at a frequency of 13,600 oscillations per minute . This speed of operation of the blades will allow you to get the cleanest cut of hair without strands, regardless of the manner of working with the trimmer. The speed is higher and stronger, making this trimmer many times faster than a traditional trimmer for edging and trimming beards. The service life of the engine is four times longer. This can help you save precious time. BLDC motors provide equal power and speed and are suitable for a wide range of hair cutting applications. They are the most expensive and are usually used in premium hair clippers used by professional hairdressers. The model will cope with absolutely any task, whether it is a professional application or a home one.Graphite coating of blades (Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Deep-Tooth 2.0 mm T-Blade). Graphite blades are considered the best material for edging trimmers and hair clippers. They are incredibly sharp, heat-resistant, do not break and do not rust. Graphite blades are generally better if you have sensitive skin because they don't get hot as often (because they are heat resistant). This means that there is many times less irritation. Graphite blades are stronger than other blades , will last longer and retain their sharpness. They are also more resistant to corrosion . Graphite blades are usually found in the most expensive trimmers and are often expensive. Finally, in addition to the material of the blade, you also need to consider its shape. Wide curved blades cover a large area when edging and can save you time.Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh. Cordless beard trimmers provide the convenience of movement without being limited by a power cable. However, convenience depends on the battery. Most trimmers for edging and beards have a battery life of 50-70 minutes, after which they need to be recharged. H.H Pro KooFex BLDC Trimming and Beard Trimmer has a battery life of about 3 hours , which is well above average, and takes about three hours to fully charge. As an additional plus, it can also be used with a cord, which makes the trimmer more convenient if you run out of charge. The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time, regardless of the remaining charge level, even after each haircut.Passion and ergonomics. Metal design elements, special recesses under the fingers and a 360-degree open blade block guarantee maximum convenience and control over each cutting line. At the same time, the weight of the H.H Pro KooFex BLDC Black trimmer is only 210 grams , which also has a positive effect on the control of the trimmer during long-term work.Features of the H.H Pro KooFex Professional Trimmer BLDC Black model: Item: KF-6246-Bl, Maximum 7200 revolutions per minute , Minimum hair cut of 0.1 mm with the possibility of "zero overlap" adjustment, New design of knife teeth for working with thick and hard hair, Blade width: 40 mm , Blade material: Stainless steel with graphite coating, Body material: Metal, Power type: battery / mains (combined), Battery type: Li-ion without chemical memory effect, Innovative ergonomic design, High torque brushless motor, Working time: 3 hours , Full charge time: 3 hours , Nominal power: 6 W, Input voltage: 5V/1A, Battery capacity: 2200 mAh, LED indicator, Hanging loop: Yes, System of adaptation to voltage from 110 to 230 V, Weight: only 210 g, Color: black,
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