JJ's Zero Ammonia Permanent Hair Colour Cream - 6.11 (6AA)

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JJ's Zero Ammonia Permanent Hair Colour Creamammonia-free dye with chamomile and helichrysum as active ingredients; emollient, nourishing, and conditioning properties. The quality of the pigments makes this cream ideal for covering the first grey hairs, reviving the colour and shine of natural hair or coloured ends, softening super-lightening colour dyes, and for the re-pigmentation of hair before permanent colouring. The absence of ammonia makes this product suitable for customers approaching the world of hair colouring for the first time.  1:1.5 mix ratio[3d-flip-book mode="fullscreen" pdf="https://www.dbc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/jj-colour-chart.pdf"][/3d-flip-book]